Providing Career Guidance While Teaching





Lussier, Silvie

This article explores the contribution of the guidance approach in collegiate teaching. The author briefly describes the concept that can be termed as "guidance teaching." It enables students to know themselves better as well as to make choices and decisions. The guidance approach therefore impacts academic success, which is undeniably linked to guidance and motivation. To illustrate her remarks, the author presented the guidance activity she carried out with third-year students in the delinquency-intervention program and its repercussions. This activity encouraged students to actively commit to a career plan after having the opportunity to reflect on their own identities and the workplace. Even students at the end of their programs may still have questions or gain insights into their career planning. Based on the author's experience, guiding while teaching is simple, relevant, and useful. Moreover, it is time well spent, because it responds to a need students have. Underscoring that this approach can be integrated into all types of courses, the author highlights several suggestions for teachers who want to introduce guidance activities into their courses and point out certain pitfalls to avoid.

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