Associate members

AQPC associate members are institutions or organizations wanting to demonstrate their support for the association’s objectives: essentially, to support the development and evolution of higher education pedagogy and to strengthen the links between theory and pedagogical practices.

Their support for our association contributes to its vitality, representativeness and especially our ability to animate pedagogical life in higher education. It also facilitates the internal dissemination of pedagogical ideas and contributes to the growing influence of the Québec college network.

We invite colleges, universities and organizations from around the world to become associate members. Contact us! ( or 514 328-3805)

The AQPC wishes to thank each of its associate members whose commitment it recognizes through a number of allotted privileges.

Associate members are entitled to:

  • assign an official representative to attend the Association’s general meeting and special meetings
  • receive the Association’s press releases and Bulletin
  • a great discount on turnkey activities they reserve for their staff
  • have their name and logo appear on the Association’s website in the table of associate members (you can also send us photos of your staff and your institution!)
  • the opportunity to submit the candidacy of a pedagogy professional to the Vecteur pédagogique Award
  • receive a certain number (15, 30, 50, 75 or 100, depending on the selected member category) of copies of the journal Pédagogie collégiale.

However, unlike individual members, associate member do not have the right to vote at members meeting and to be elected to the Board of directors.

Membership as an associate member runs throughout the school year.

CategoryFeesSubscription to Pédagogie collégialeAdditional copies of Pédagogie collégiale
1 $ 75015$ 34 by subscription
2 $ 1 20030$ 33 by subscription
3$ 1 57550$ 32 by subscription
4$ 2 20075$ 31 by subscription
5$ 2 875100$ 30 by subscription



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