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Pratte, Marielle

After making it through some rough sailing in recent years, the college network has become a leading influence in the world of education. Actually, a number of educational orientations and strategies developed by persons working in the college network are gaining recognition both here in Quebec and abroad, a fact confirmed by the growing number of communications and collaboration requests received from other countries, particularly Morocco and Laos. The success of higher-education pedagogy developed in the college network is largely due to the dynamism and leadership of the various people intervening in our educational affairs. This includes professional staff and teachers who were able to meet and overcome the challenges of major changes and develop practices adapted to the new realities and success-related objectives they set for themselves. These professionals also succeeded in developing a professional conduct that continues to improve over time and offers promising perspectives for the future! We wish to underscore the exceptional work done by the different intervenors in the college network. We thank them for their commitment and congratulate them on their accomplishments. To showcase the wealth of educational practices developed in the college network, we present in this issue three articles describing respectively: a strategy for developing a sense of professional ethics in students, a strategy for evaluating learning, and a strategy for integrating acquired knowledge at the end of the program. On another level, it is important to emphasize the quality of educational research originating in the college network. In continuity with the research file contained in the last issue, we are including a list of research projects in this issue that have been given precedence in recent years. The entire magazine team takes this opportunity to wish you success in your educational projects as well as a very restful and pleasant summer.


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