College Student and Gainful Employment During Studies : Portrait of a Growing Social Phenomenon




Turcotte, Marie-Anne
Bouchard, Josée
Roy, Jacques

This article describes the main characteristics of a growing social phenomenon: the gainful employment of students during their studies, and its connection to student success. The authors begin by calling on a previous study of theirs entitled La conciliation travail et etudes chez les cégépiens: un paradigme en evolution, to sketch an overview of the phenomenon. The study reveals that 72% of students hold gainful employment during their college studies and that they work an average of 17 hours per week. The authors then take a closer look at the influence of gainful employment on the school path of students, indicating the various strategies used by the latter to reconcile work and studies. Based on the data provided by three main sources: the students, college professionals and experiences taken from the college network, the authors identify several possible interventions paths: a working committee to implant a system of partially remunerated work placements; resorting more often to teacher-student tutorials; the setting up of a budget consultation service; the development of strategies designed to involve parents to a greater degree in academic success; and the identification of means for sensitizing employers with regard to their contribution to academic success.


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