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Chartrand, Francine S.

From a perspective of occupational integration, this article deals with the establishment of the Programme de formation en pédagogie et en andragogie (Training program in teaching and Adult learning principles) at La Cité collégiale. After conducting a census on training currently offered to new teachers, and how collected data is grouped in scenarios represented in tables, the author describes the approach chosen and the framework of the program. On the one hand, the Integration section focuses on the development of a support group, the launch of a professional educational network, a sharing of teaching experiences as well as the identification of resource persons and concrete solutions. In addition, the Integration section includes an assessment of learning and training needs; the elaboration of a professional development plan; the development of pedagogical and adult learning tools; as well as the definition and the achievement of a professional project. In terms of benefits, the author points to the high rate of participation in this optional program, the improved communication between peers, a sharing of experiences through Pas à pas meetings and the website of the Centre de ressources pour les enseignants (Teachers’ Resource Centre), not to mention an improvement in the quality of teaching and the relevance of programs. Finally, the authors offer reflections on the future of teaching insisting on the importance of mentoring.


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