Where does school fit into the many concerns of college students? A study of social time and students’ plans for the future




LANDRY, Daniel
BERGERON, Geneviève
ROY, Stéphane

Where does school fit into the many concerns of college students? The answer to this question may be of great interest in helping college teachers learn about the motivation and commitment of the young people they teach. It is actually hard to understand what sets students committed to their education apart from those who consistently or occasionally show a lack of motivation. Better knowledge of young peoples’ concerns would help teachers adapt their educational practice to these students’ needs and the challenges they face. In their study, the authors sought to give students a voice, to define the place their education holds in their life in relation to other spheres of daily activity, whether part-time work or free time. The purpose of the research also included assessing the importance of school activities in establishing the future plans of young people from 18 to 20 years old, based on their personal and social environment. The researchers therefore focused on what college students said about their social time and future plans, in terms of their educational, career and personal goals.

Article available in French only.

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