Update on PAREA orientations: four new research orientations and …a thousand and one questions




Lapostolle, Lynn
Morin, Jeason
Charbonneau, Sylvie

The authors provide an overview of current research as it relates to the orientations of PAREA (Programme d’aide à la recherche sur l’enseignement et l’apprentissage). To begin, they make a distinction between general research and oriented research and they define four fields of application: teaching, learning, the school milieu, and pedagogical applications of the computer (PAC) and information and communication technologies (ICT). Then, they outline four new PAREA orientations – the teaching establishment as an organizational system, differentiated pedagogy, individual factors that impact perseverance in school, as well as reading and writing in all programs and disciplines –, associating each to examples of research taking place within the orientation. In ending, based on reports by a number of researchers, the authors identify several new research issues likely to further enrich PAREA orientations, i.e. the pedagogical integration of ICT’s, the sex of students as a variable, and the identification of institutional means promoting collaboration between various intervenors in the teaching milieu.


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