Third Time's the Charms... On our Way to Developing a Unique Profile of Competencies for the Teaching Profession ?




Bélanger, Danielle-Claude

It has been almost ten years since the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation linked the professionalization of college teaching to the development of a system of competencies adapted to practical teaching. The primary concern in this problematic was the “identification” of competencies actually required for a professional teaching practice at college, both within the scope of initial training as well as for continuing education, and to do so in the near future” (CSE, 1997, p. 57). The educational community followed up on this expectation, not once, but three separate times.The repository of technopedagogical competencies available to college teachers is the most recent in a set of propositions identifying skills required for teaching. This particular work contains a unique repository proper to a specific field of competencies, elsewhere the profile of competencies targets a specific educational level, and elsewhere still, it serves as the basis for a training program or a framework for evaluating teachers. Beginning in the year 2000, the investigation into a repository of competencies for the teaching profession experienced three important events: the back-to-back publication of two competency profiles characteristic of college teaching (Laliberté et Dorais, for PERFORMA, 1999 and CSE, 2000) and a repository of competencies specific to teaching at primary and secondary levels (MEQ, 2001). The variations on similar themes that took place following publication revealed the relevance of the exercise for education, but also an appropriation that requires an adaptation of the profile to environment realities, such as work teams. Nevertheless, by comparing initial profiles, we will quickly see that convergence outweighs divergence.


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