Teaching Secondary Level Mathematics : What Has Changed ?





Leduc, Céline
Kingsbury, Fanny

Under the header College students of 2010, this article sheds light on the various changes between the old and the new secondary level mathematics program. It is based on a meeting between Fanny Kingsbury, editor-in-chief of the magazine, and Mrs. Céline Leduc, educational advisor in secondary level mathematics, for the Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l'Îe, in Montréal. The article outlines the three sequences offered to students in Secondary Four and Five who choose one based on their way of understanding mathematics: Culture, society and technique, Technico-sciences and Natural sciences. The authors also highlight the major changes brought about by the education reform in Secondary. Among these changes, notwithstanding the similar course contents and the lecture format, which still exists, the learning and evaluation situations (LES) now bring students to see mathematics in action, in a realistic context. According to Mrs. Leduc, some of the students trained at the dawn of the education reform will be more resourceful and independent, having followed a sequence adapted to their interests. Thus, college mathematics teachers will need to meet the challenge of integrating teaching practices that are in keeping with these interests.


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