Supporting Students Who Are Mastering a More Complex Competency




Cantin, Gilles

This article presents an experiment carried out at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme in Childhood Education Techniques (Techniques d’éducation à l’enfance/TÉE). The purpose of the experiment was to master a complex competency: To establish a partnership relationship with parents and resource persons. The challenge consisted of understanding the nature of difficulties experienced by students and verifying the practical conditions under which the competency was exercised in the workplace, through a consultation process involving the department’s teachers and a committee of intervenors. This was designed to ensure that the competency components corresponded to the daily activities of women educators. The entire process was then followed up with meetings with psychosocial intervenors at CLSCs and community groups. The author goes on to describe the pedagogical axis retained using the problem learning (PL) approach for an initial learning activity, that is, the adapted version (PLa) where students must apply the solutions that have been found. A second activity consisted of an immersion internship (observation) in a community organization. The results of this experiment are encouraging in particular as regards competency development and the increase in confidence towards relationships with parents. In ending, the author emphasizes the importance of placing the student at the centre of learning and insists on the fact that elaborating an appropriate educational strategy requires a quality analysis of the competency.


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