Research, integrity and ethics: separate yet distinctly related entities




Cadillon, Audrey
Marceau, Emmanuelle
Lapostolle, Lynn

This article contains a wealth of information on questions relating to integrity and ethics and various facets inherent to research. More specifically, the authors describe the mechanism needed to adopt conduct based on values and principles that are recognized by both the scientific communities and the granting organizations. They outline the various stages of the process: e.g. the development of an institutional research policy, a policy of integrity in research and a policy of ethical research on human subjects, as well as the setting up of an ethics committee (CER). Each of these stages is explained in detail and supported by a number of references and examples. There is also a table summarizing the expectations of granting organizations in matters of integrity and ethics, followed by a Repertory of institutional policies on research, integrity and ethics as well as ethics committees in research, based on a network-wide consultation of public and private colleges by the ARC (Association pour la recherché au collegial. The article ends with a summary of ARC activities linked to institutional research policies since 2006 and proposes similar activities for the coming year.


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