Reread Perrenoud: Métier d’élève et sens du travail scolaire





Morin, Christian

"If I had to compile a list of ten words I dislike the most, motivation would surely be on that list!" (Perrenoud, 2004, p. 161). Not a trivial statement, and one that can be read in this book that focuses on different aspects of school: Profession of student and sense of schoolwork. Although we can detect a touch of irony, it is for this original perspective, resolutely sociological, that it seems relevant to read Perrenoud again for a motivation issue, even if this work was published several years ago. Perrenoud believes the only psychological point of view does not make it possible to address the question of motivation in a useful way, given the social relations that take place at school on different dimensions - political and institutional - to those of daily power relations among students. In this social context, motivation stems in good part from strategies that each student uses to achieve their goal, which is not necessarily that of their teachers or parents. Perrenoud therefore puts aside the concept of motivation in favour of the meaning of schoolwork, hence the title of the book.

Article available in French only.


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