Recognizing the Acquired Competencies of College Teachers a Good Way to Support Professionnal Development




Martel, Lina

This article discusses the recognition of acquired competencies or RAC, its basic concepts and application in the education system. After having situated RAC within a more global framework, the author goes on to define the concept from a teaching perspective. Following this, she defines the different types of knowledge and competencies, whether academic or extracurricular, identifies those which are eligible for recognition, explores the notion of competency, and lastly, offers a portrait of RAC that is used within the Québec system at various educational levels. The author then identifies opportunities for teachers to have their competencies recognized, specifically their experiential learning. RAC allows teachers to progress more rapidly in their training program. In this respect, the author points out the benefits of a professional portfolio that induces a reflective approach by the teacher on his own professional development. This approach also allows him to position his own development vis-à-vis continuing education. In conclusion, she draws attention to the fact that RAC contributes to the professional development of teachers and narrows the gap between the professional world and the field of training.


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