Reading and writing workshops as an aid to success in philosophy courses





Loignon, Guillaume
Vigneault, Gilles
Simard, Guillaume
Duncan Hart, Cameron

At the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, for years the Department of Philosophy's help centre has operated on the basis of one-on-one assistance or tutoring. Over time, teachers identified various flaws in their practice, which led them to conduct an in-depth review of their practices. After reflection and analysis, they introduced philosophical reading and writing workshops to help students better understand the texts they were studying, as a precursor to the drafting of argumentative texts and therefore to the success of their philosophy courses. In this article, the authors present an overview of this new intervention method that they have experimented with by promoting what they feel is a clear improvement over previous practices. This measure of assistance could be extended to other disciplines that require students to read argumentative texts and write science-based texts.

Article available in French only.


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