Professional Induction of CEGEP Teachers : A Frame of Reference for Constructing Developmental Spaces





Bourgeois, Normand
Vasseur, François

This article focuses on the orientations that could guide the setting up of programs for the professional induction of CEGEP teachers, as well as on these programs’ structures and their conditions for development. The authors emphasize the demanding nature of the early stages of the college teaching experience. They establish the parameters that should govern professional induction programs. Drawing on the results of various studies and research projects, they identify eight characteristics related to the relevance and effectiveness of systems for professional induction. The authors also mention that the Institutional Programs for the Pedagogical Induction of CEGEP Teachers (IPPICT) project made it possible to highlight three procedures for professional induction and their conditions for success. The IPPICT project accompanies teachers while avoiding dogmatism and recipes for how to become a “good” teacher. It takes novice teachers’ circumstances into account while responding to these teachers’ immediate needs and basing itself on teachers’ questions, all the while placing its reliance in a long-term process.


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