Pedagogical Reform in Secondary School : How Has This Impacted the Teaching of Science and Technology ?





Rhainds, Mélanie
Morin, Christian

Within the framework of the file on “The college student of 2010”, Mrs. Mélanie Rhainds highlights the differences between the old and the new science program in secondary, while comparing the content of both. In doing so, she clarifies the question of student training and maps out the science and technology exit profile of secondary school graduates using a table detailing expected competencies. Based on her experience in the field, Mrs. Rhainds expresses her views on the differences to be expected between this first group of post-renewal students in scientific disciplines and their predecessors. She also discusses the eventual habits developed by these students with regard to specific pedagogical methods and the relevance of the lecture as a teaching method. Also addressed in the article are the major changes that college science teachers may need to make in their practice in anticipation of these new post-renewal students.


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