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Pinte, Jean-Paul

It is human nature to produce knowledge, drink it in and desire to share it. The hunt for valid information creates new styles of reasoning and new forms of knowledge. It creates a desire to share and grow the collective intelligence of human groups. Moreover, it seems that intellectual technologies that originated in cyberspace, amplify, externalize and alter a number of human cognitive functions like memory, imagination, perception and reasoning. For the first time in the history of humanity, most of the competencies that a person acquires at the start of their professional journey will be obsolete by the end of their career. Aditionally, what we must learn can no longer be planned in advance. We must now build new models for the knowledge that is emerging. Knowledge that is continuous, that flows in non-linear fashion and that is reorganized based on objectives or contexts and in the shared spirit of collectivity.


The Centre de documentation collégiale

The Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC) offers an extensive collection of documents on college-level education and on education in general, produced by professionals in leading facilities and organizations.

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