Natural Sciences students in the MIRES program




Cyrenne, Diane
Larose, Simon
Garceau, Odette
Deschênes, Claire
Guay, Frédéric

In the current context of integration and perseverance problems experienced by students in mathematics, science and technology (MST), and given the current decrease in student enrolment in leading-edge scientific programs, the authors describe the development of the MIRES program (Mentorat pour l’Intégration et la Réussite des Étudiants en Sciences/Mentoring for the integration and success of science students) as well as its experimental use. With the relevance of the program clearly shown at the outset, they introduce the objectives and examine the initial, on-going and final individual follow-up stages in the selection and training of mentors. To this the authors add a socio-motivational model. The next steps are the recruitment and pairing of students. With information provided by both the mentors and students, similarities between partners relative to type of school and professional goals are recorded; targeted criteria are respected at all times. The authors then outline the numerous program activities, specifically dyad meetings, workplace tours and lectures. To conclude, the measures implemented to complete the evaluation of the MIRES program are reviewed.


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