“Légendes pédagogiques. L’autodéfense intellectuelle en éducation.” A free essay by Normand Baillargeon, published by Poètes de brousse (2013)






In his essay on educational legends and intellectual self defence in education (2013), Normand Baillargeon, clearly refers to his Petit cours d’autodéfense intellectuelle [short course in intellectual self-defence] (2005), but this time he zooms in on a smaller circle of people working in the field of education. Baillargeon points out that it is easy to draw a parallel between certain beliefs in the world of education and urban legends: both are repeated often and circulate widely, are accepted as foregone conclusions, yet may prove unfounded after a more thorough conceptual review, and they highlight certain characteristics of the environment in which they exist. The ultimate goal of Baillargeon’s essay is to alert teachers to unfounded beliefs in education and train them to recognize and critically analyse teaching approaches, methods or theories that may be presented or suggested to them during their career. Here is a brief presentation of this work and the method for analysing legends proposed by Baillargeon, which the author of this summary describes with an example drawn from one of the 14 legends deconstructed in the work.


Article available in French only.

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