Individual video feedback: exploring one's effectiveness




Cabot, Isabelle

The author has been using personalized video feedback for a few terms: once the exam or work is corrected on paper, she uses a small USB camera to record a short video of a few minutes where she provides verbal feedback to the student, with the camera focused on their hand and the work copy as a visual backdrop. This allows her to provide much more detail about the correction than in writing only. Despite some shortcomings, she enjoys this form of feedback, as do most of her students, based on her impressions. The author wanted to more formally evaluate the impact on their motivation and their academic performance. At the same time, she was made aware of a school dropout problem in the Natural Sciences program at her college. Since personalized video feedback can be used as part of any program or course, the author decided to help find solutions to the current dropout issue by testing her video feedback method with students in this program. The purpose of the article is to report the main results of a PAREA study conducted during the 2016-2017 year. The author hopes that this will inspire readers to experiment with this form of personalized video feedback that has proven to be effective on academic results for college students facing difficulties in the beginning of their school career, and which helped to maintain students' interest level in a course considered to be anxiety-provoking. Almost all the teachers who have experimented with the approach have indicated that they intend to use it again, introducing some adjustments to better adapt the method to their needs.

Article available in French only.


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