The impact of support and collaboration on motivation and perseverance




Chomienne, Martine
Poellhuber, Bruno

This article summarizes the results of a study conducted at Cégep@distance between 2003 and 2006, thanks to the support of PAREA, on the impact of support (tutorials, contacts between peers) and collaborative learning on student motivation and perseverance. After specifying the context and the problematics, and taking into account the transformation of pedagogical methods brought about by the rapid development of the Internet and ICTs, the authors describe the conceptual framework, the methodology and the measuring instruments supporting the research. After looking at the results provided in the tables and the student testimonials, and having studied the impact of three groups of variables (previous school history, socio-demographic variables and the feeling of self-efficiency), the authors anayze the impact of tutorial measures, emphasizing the importance and significance of the latter and the fact that students appreciate this form of support, as well as the impact of contacts with peers and collaborative learning on students. In ending, they draw certain conclusions from this study, propose pathways to solutions and suggest orientations for future research.


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