Impact of project work on student behaviour, attitudes and performance




Benichou, El Khadir
Abouhanifa, Said
Talbi, Mohammed
Kabbaj, Mohamed

Using the project work approach, the authors present research in which they put forth and test a model designed to meet the needs of teachers, students and administrative personnel alike, while fostering the development of competencies linked to student orientation. After describing the learning situations by project production and the resulting interactions, they outline the major guidelines of their experiment. Details on this activity, which meant getting students involved in project work, are also provided. The experiment was managed by a multi-disciplinary educational team using observations and the analysis of situations experienced by the research team as well as answers to a questionnaire given to students after the fact. The authors describe the stages where student motivation and school learning were associated and a variety of tools were recommended, such as records and a log book. These contained definitions of the project productions for the students as well as the multi--disciplinary team, a pedagogical contract between the student group and the team, observations and the support given to students in the project situation and, finally, the evaluation of their experience.


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