Highlights of the Educational Reform and Pedagogical Renewal in Quebec




Guimont, Gérard

In anticipation of the arrival in fall 2010 of the first cohort of college students taught according to the new teaching reform implemented at preschool, elementary and secondary levels, Pédagogie collégiale is introducing a new theme file relating to this topical issue. The first article in the series summarizes the changes generated by the educational reform, designated henceforth as the pedagogical renewal. The author begins by presenting the origins, goals, axes of change, legislative changes and modifications to the educational regime. He then takes a closer look at the Quebec Education Program in terms of objectives and structure, while underscoring the complementary role of the General Education Fields (GEF) in relation to the learning domains themselves; he also touches briefly upon the development of cross-curricular competencies. In concluding, the author explains the complexity of changes inherent in the pedagogical renewal, noting that the repercussions of the process will become more apparent over time.

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