Guidelines for Responding to Accommodation and Adjustment Requests in Colleges





Lemay, Denyse

Using a variety of concrete examples, this article proposes a reflective process designed to help develop responses to accommodation and adjustment requests that are adapted to the college milieu. The author begins by describing the context for the article and raises a number of questions in relation to the particular requests of students originating from immigration. Then she suggests guidelines for student requests which are based on linguistic or religious traits. After a brief outline of the obligations linked to the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, the article raises the question of guidelines in relation to adjustments, based on an enlightened decision process. The author specifies certain elements that seem non-negotiable to her in a college education. These are: learning French for all (including allophones), achieving the exit profile competencies set by the program, and learning how to live in Quebec society. In her view, there can be no negotiations on these three aspects, whereas making voluntary adjustments in all aspects of college life remains highly relevant. In ending, the author suggests that the proposed guidelines, which are designed to generate discussion, will require further defining by the various colleges and programs according to the orientations of each.


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