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Baby, Antoine

Having managed a research centre on academic success in which it was often a question of school motivation, the author became convinced that those who seek the Holy Grail of this important dimension of success, those who become obsessed with the idea of identifying "the" variable, as we so often see in educational research, are on the wrong path. Motivation in general and that which is taken into account in school learning is too complex to be reduced to being only the product of a single factor, however powerful, in the most sophisticated quantitative assessments. Ultimately, it is a constellation of variables, whose dynamics are not easily reducible, which provides the best description of this phenomenon. Starting from a simple and acknowledged definition of motivation as the action of the forces and factors that determine human behaviour, in the text the author presents remarks about academic motivation that stem from over forty years of experience in university education where he did everything possible to instil in his students a motivation that was not self-evident in a context of contributory discipline.

Article available in French only.


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