Flipped pedagogy. An assessment of its effectiveness on school results and student interest





Cormier, Caroline
Voisard, Bruno

After taking part in several AQPC symposium workshops on flipped classrooms since 2013, the authors decided to integrate this teaching strategy in their Organic Chemistry course. During the 2013 fall session, they prepared videos that introduced a variety of subjects regarding the subject material to be discussed. Although it was a huge challenge to produce the material on time, week after week, the teachers said they were satisfied with the result. Students appreciate the way the course is conducted, class time is freed up to make them more active, and it seems that the class material "is more easily integrated," with students better able to understand it and be more successful on exams. The teachers then asked themselves: aside from these impressions, did these efforts produce positive results, and did the students really benefit? Using a set of historical data, the authors compared it to the academic results of the students in their flipped classes. They were pleasantly surprised: it appeared that indeed, the new way of teaching organic chemistry had had a significant positive effect on academic success. In this article, the authors briefly describe what a flipped class is and what benefits it can introduce, and then the authors provide details about the particular didactic device that has been set up, including co-teaching periods for some groups. Subsequently, the effects on student results in the course are presented. Lastly, the authors discuss the transferability of this technique to other courses and other fields.

Article available in French only.


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