Experiences of Learning Integration in Pre-University Programs Conducted Abroad





D'Amours, Lucie
Rochon, Serge
Cliche, Isabelle
Guay, Marie-Élaine

The CECI (Centre d’études collégiales des Îles) in Îles-de-la-Madeleine, is one of four units that make up Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. Students here have the opportunity to add an international training course to their college training and this can give them the chance to start their comprehensive program examination (CPE). The authors of this article provide an outline of the Amarres et Voilures program which makes it possible to integrate a tangible international component into pre-university programs of study. The article describes how, since 2005, several training courses have taken place in the Coopensilencio community of Costa Rica and how these courses allow students to start their culminating program activity (CPA) or their comprehensive program examination (CPE). Examples of activities realized by students in the two pre-university programs are presented. One of: one of these is connected to the Natural science program and focuses on ‘onsite composting’, while the other, which is connected to the Human science program, focuses on developing a website that features a database on the various problems unique to the host community. The article also mentions that Amarres et Voilures is coordinating at the same time a training course on television in France that involves students from the Arts, letters and media program.


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