The Evolving Role of “Educational Advisor in Research”




Laprise, Marie-Hélène
Bessette, Sylvie
Lussier, Odette

Based on the profiles and interests of people working in the network, the socio-economic context of the last 40 years and the growth of CEGEPs, it is difficult to delineate the role of advisor in the field of research. Using available research, various reports and interviews, the authors provide an overview of the evolution of this function over the years: its beginnings with the Parent Report and the creation of the PERFORMA program; the lean period and the appearance of several associations and programs such as the AQPC and PAREA; the difficult years marked by the computer revolution, the educational reform and a major economic crisis; and finally, the current period and its particular challenges. The authors also underline the central position of the educational advisor in research which, thanks to the support of the ARC, allows them to foresee an establishment’s research potential, to encourage inter-disciplinary networking, to contribute to the valorization of research and to work on developing new promising avenues for research in colleges.


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