Evaluating by Competencies : Theory and Practice. Testing the Tools in a Biology Course of the Nursing Program




Faucher, Nicolas

This article is written from the perspective of actual teaching practices in the field today. The author retraces the evolution of his thinking as regards evaluation and his experience of evaluation in the context of the competency-based approach. He describes an evaluation strategy implemented in the Nursing program’s Immunity course (100-0030Li). He outlines the stages that made it possible to adopt this strategy. With the help of figures, he provides examples of tools created, a matrix of key learning objects and a descriptive grid of a key learning object, while detailing the ways of using the latter. He tackles the question of implementing this evaluation strategy, relating reactions from both students and fellow teachers. He also highlights the benefits, which include an enlightened takeover of learning by the learners, useful feedback, easy to use evaluation tools and streamlined corrections.

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