Entering a Profession Occupational Integration Strategies for Teachers




Doré, André

This article originated with the forum on occupational integration that took place at the last AQPC symposium, at the request of Pédagogie collégiale. Focused on drawing a portrait of the various welcome and integration support measures available for teachers in the college network and on launching a collaborative network, the discussion initially dealt with clarifying the concepts linked to occupational integration. In addition to tackling the evaluation of new teachers, the debate focused on the coaching and support offered to them. Amidst all this, the author offers examples of implemented activities mentioned by participants: material destined for new teachers such as integrated guides, kit containing a variety of information, workshops on various subjects, welcome receptions, mentoring or pairing, mutual aid groups, learning communities based on the transfer of expertise, workshops on the analysis of reflective practices based on actual experiences, etc. Lastly, the participants deplore the fact that in spite of training in pedagogy or related fields, many new teachers find themselves thrown into the reality of teaching without any initial professional training; hence, the relevance of support measures in occupational integration.


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