"L’enseignement de la philosophie au cégep. Histoire et débats," by Pierre Després, published by Presses de l’Université Laval (2015)





Leblanc, Dominic

From the outset, it must be mentioned that this publication is not a book of philosophy, nor is it intended to support the teaching of philosophy. Of course, it will be of interest to philosophy teachers and anyone interested in the college community in Quebec. Reading this book sheds light on part of the history of colleges and their debates, and helps the reader to learn about the evolution of general education, become acquainted with the changes and reforms of the sector, and to situate oneself with regard to societal choices in education. In addition to the debates surrounding the importance that should be given to philosophy at the college level, this book also touches on those relating to the introduction of the competency-based approach in non-technical disciplines, including general education and, more specifically, philosophy.

Article available in French only.

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