The Educational Renewal at the Secondary Leval : Looking Back to Better Understand the Present and the Future




Inchauspé, Paul

Based on his experience with the task force on curriculum reform (elementary and secondary), the author of this article presents an overview of the pedagogical renewal in secondary while proposing a few keys to better understand it. In doing so, he reviews the various changes made to the Quebec school network curriculum since 1959, noting that the old program of studies is the foundation for the new one. He also explains all the changes relating to the search for durable student learning, particularly in terms of cross-curricular competencies and the regrouping of program content. On the subject of the changes to teachers’ image and their role brought on by the reform, he discusses a certain “professional liberation” and ensuing problems such as re-appropriating the use of judgement in evaluation, presenting school manuals in a concentric manner, which requires some updating on the part of teachers, and the lack of a tradition of teamwork among teachers of different subjects. In concluding, the author underscores the advantages associated with the new cultural perspective that has now become the general orientation of the program of studies.


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