A Diptych to Link General Education and Specialized Training





Duval, Anne-Marie
Pagé, Mélanie

The authors begin by presenting the major aspects of their end of session project, the Municipal Project, which is part of the mandatory French course which focuses on communication. Afterwards, they share their main reflections on the pedagogical methods involved in the experiment: In addition to achieving its goal of integrating general education and specialized training, the Municipal Project helps students re-use their skills, knowledge and communication strategies in a realistic context as each course takes the form of a structured meeting. Working in teams, students must develop a project in relation to their field of study that will meet the needs of a fictitious city. Students then make an oral presentation at a City Council meeting and submit a document demonstrating their expertise (brochure, magazine, conference summary, information folder, etc.), based on popularizing the concepts according to the intended recipients and using literary procedures for a different purpose than that in other French courses. At the end of the course, students are able to apply their knowledge for a specific communication purpose in an effective and relevant matter. Increased student motivation, added to the richness and depth of the learning, makes the Municipal Project a highly positive experience.


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