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Tardif, Hélène

What role should technical training at CEGEP play in mobilizing students toward acquiring a general education? How can the technical sector help students generate a global vision of their education, knowing that they are primarily interested in their technical choice? Would it be useful to develop a framework for technical training that knowingly includes elements of French and Philosophy? I assumed that if, in early childhood education techniques, the field in which I teach, we focused more on oral expression, reading, writing and debating in technical courses, students would discover how important this is for their future occupation and would likely be motivated to increase their mastery of these competencies. To test this hypothesis, an action research was conducted at the Notre-Dame-de-Foy Campus from Fall 2001 to Winter 2004. The project had a dual objective: make the students in the program aware of the relevance of French and Philosophy for someone in the role of teacher, and promote the importance of these disciplines during their college training. The author enlisted the cooperation of two groups of students (2001 and 2002) and some fifteen teachers in three departments (French, Philosophy and Early childhood education techniques).


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