A Comprehensive and Integrated Approach to Mentoring




Bégin, Christian
Palkiewicz, Nadia

On the subject of school supervision, the authors of this article propose a model based on research data obtained from various studies and writings on the quality of training and education offered in teaching establishments. The model has two dominant axes: the characteristics and key periods in students' progress, namely the stages leading to a diploma; and how connected the students are to the various facets of their progress. The article defines different types of relationships, the objectives to target as well as the measures to implement, as well as the services or types of activities and interventions that help achieve these objectives and thus improve students’ relationship with the various facets of their training: relationship with the establishment, within their personal lives, with the program, the course, the teachers and the personnel involved with the course, the subject matter or the discipline, the tasks, and the situations. The authors also provide insights on the dynamics of these relationships in order to devise interventions or measures that could meet several needs simultaneously. They argue in favour of an analysis of situations based on this model, since it positions the needs in a more systematic perspective as well as the measures called for to meet these needs, which encourages the development of better-performing evaluation tools.


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