Colleges, partners in learning and innovation for francophone communities




Bergeron, Pierre

As the backdrop for this file on Francophone college teaching in Canada and, more specifically within a minority environment, this article sheds light on the importance of college institutions for francophone communities in Canada. To begin, the author presents an overview of the current situation in the educational network and its constraints, specifically the competition with Anglophone colleges. He then goes on to relate how progress is assured by people of commitment and vision and underlines the need for creative teamwork and innovative action in order to guarantee a quality post-secondary education for Francophones. In the second part, after identifying certain terminological and structural differences between the provinces, the author provides a brief overview of the main francophone post-secondary institutions and adult training centres outside Quebec. To complete his trans-Canadian analysis, the author specifies the mission and the role of the Réseau des cégeps et des collèges francophones du Canada (RCCFC) with regard to Canadian francophony and how it contributes to its development.

Article available in French only.

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