College Student Expectations for the First Class in the Term




Bélanger, Danielle-Claude
Lussier, Silvie

This article deals with the first class of the term and the theoretical foundations establishing the importance of this initial meeting between teacher and students as well as the expectations of the latter with regard to this first encounter. The authors begin by conducting a thorough review of the literature on this inaugural session, both in terms of scholastic motivation and students’ first impressions, and they provide insights on ways of presenting the teacher and the students to each other, as well as the course content. The question of how to initiate the learning process during this first course is discussed as well as its duration. It is the authors’ opinion that the initial meeting sets the tone and establishes the basis for the pedagogical relationship. As for student expectations, the authors present the results of a survey conducted with Collège de Maisonneuve students on their expectations for this first class. The answers to the survey are analyzed in relation to the session, the program and the type of respondents. This data is further enhanced by comments from the latter and is followed by a reflection on the differences between student expectations and certain theoretical orientations.


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