CEGEP student values: portrait of a generation




Roy, Jacques

This article focuses on the values expressed by CEGEP students in a survey conducted in four colleges. The author begins by defining his interpretive framework and examining the concept of values, distinguishing reference values from preference values. Then, based on the logic of an open questionnaire submitted to students, he sketches a portrait of CEGEP student values presented in two sections that include tables illustrating his arguments. The first part deals with the importance given to values. Topping the list are respect and tolerance followed closely by ‘ethical’ values such as honesty, frankness, integrity and authenticity, with the ‘family’ value occupying a predominant position. The second part focuses on what succeeding in life means to students. Here again, the family dimension is important to the detriment of commitment to the milieu and influence in society. These results provide certain generational guidelines, showing that college student values can vary according to age, sex, social origin and educational program. Based on his observations, the author concludes that, in terms of fundamental trends, there seems to be a common culture among CEGEP students.


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