A bit of bewilderment surrounding corrected copies not returned






How can students properly prepare for an assessment? For the second literary dissertation, for example, they could reread the summary of the work, review the workshops done in class, complete homework, review the course notes, search the Web for information about the author or on the socio-historical context of the work, etc. This goes without saying. But what could greatly help students would also be to review the first dissertation and the comments that their teacher made. Except that this strategy is not immediately obvious to the students, because many teachers keep the exam copies once they are corrected: the students see the evaluations briefly in class, then the teachers pick them up for safekeeping. Thus, they do not reflexively think about this option. For teachers, making a corrected copy available to students reveals their evaluative practices, with their grids, their scales, their criteria, etc. In an era when everything is regulated, both with regard to administrative practices and the rights of students, we can understand there is a certain amount of concern. Knowing how much the correction of the work - and the comments that accompany it - represents a golden opportunity to promote learning, the author explains in this free opinion article how she finds it inconceivable that teachers could prefer not to make copies of evaluations available to their students. After all, these copies do belong to these students...

Article available in French only.


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