Beyond Academic Success: How Can We Interest Students in Our Discipline?




Leriche, Jérôme
Walczak, Frédéric
Gravel, Camille

Motivation should lie at the heart of the learning process; all teachers should be eager to create, or at least bolster, this quality in their students. While students are receiving a general education, however, their attention, determination, and desire to learn can occasionally present educators with a considerable challenge. This is certainly true in physical education. The authors of this article, who both teach in this area, explore the problem, which can be solved by means of the appropriate strategies. In collaboration with colleague Camille Gravel, they interpret the results of the research they conducted prior to publishing Les obstacles à la pratique sportive des cégépiens. Containing a number of graphs and statistics, that report led them to deliberations that, while related to the particular discipline studied, may be useful for all teachers. The role of the educator, course planning, assessment dynamics, and different approaches that can be used to arouse students’ curiosity and encourage them to participate are all explored. And get this: the article would actually lead us to believe that enjoyment is one of the main ingredients of motivation!


Article available in French only.


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