To be there or not? Student attendance at learning activities





Bessette, Sylvie
Beauregard, Henri

On the topic of absenteeism, this interview with Henri Beauregard, economics teacher at Cégep de Sherbrooke, revolves around his survey on student attendance at learning activities “Présence des élèves aux activités d'apprentissage”. The interview covers: the objectives, the type of data collection, the definition of absenteeism, the number of students absent during learning activities, as well as various data collected from teachers: the magnitude of absenteeism in their practice and the proportion of absent students. In discussing the answers, Mr. Beauregard mentions the broad dispersion of results, which shows nevertheless the existence of two groups of teachers despite certain similarities. In the first group (general education), absenteeism is quite high while in the other (technical sector), absenteeism is almost nonexistent. The main forms of absenteeism are also outlined along with its causes, the positive factors that may help counter it, the various actions that can be undertaken by teachers and their impact. After rejecting the idea of an institutional policy for mandatory student attendance, the author underlines the main conclusions of his study and suggests several preferred intervention paths.


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