An authentic assessment in higher education. The case of a learning assessment course.





MICHAUD, Nathalie

Learning assessment is an important task asked of teachers. However, because of the many challenges it imposes, many teachers consider it too difficult, even for experienced teachers. The skills-based approach, which requires a genuine assessment, does not simplify the task for these teachers, who often feel ill equipped in their role of assessor. In this context, completing an assessment course can be a good investment, especially for a teacher just starting their career. In this article, the authors share a component of their assessment practice in the course entitled Évaluation des apprentissages en enseignement supérieur (learning assessment in higher education (in conjunction with a university program for future teachers or those already teaching)), to inspire readers to develop their own assessments. More specifically, the authors tackle the question: what are the certification assessment procedures used to evaluate the competencies targeted in this course? Before explaining each of the tasks, the authors outline the context of the course to fit in with the assessment principles and the characteristics of the authentic assessment that guided their choice of methods.

Article available in French only.



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