Audiovisual Feedback: A Worthwhile Practice?




Cabot, Isabelle
Lévesque, Marie-Claude

In the fall of 2014, the authors of this article published a research paper in Pédagogie collégiale that dealt with the benefits of ICT integration on a French-upgrade course. In the same vein, Cabot and Lévesque here explain the whys and wherefores of a practice they touched on in the first text: audiovisual feedback. In so doing, they rely on both their own experience and on previous studies. After explaining the technique and listing the tools required to implement it, the authors discuss the main benefits involved. “Veedback”, as it is called, has several pluses: for students, an increased feeling of competence; enhanced motivation; a positive influence on engagement and the perceived usefulness of assessment, as well as on the consolidation of learning; and improved academic performance and teacher-learner interaction—and, for teachers, fewer appointments with students outside of class time and a solid sense of accomplishment. In short, there is every indication that using technology is rewarding!


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