An approach to planning a course final assessment that considers all skills





MORIN, Christian
PAGÉ, Mélanie

Assessment of learning is definitely a complex task in and of itself. Several parameters must be observed to meet the challenge of fairly and accurately assessing what students have learned, as specifically targeted by colleges’ Institutional Policy for the Evaluation of Student Achievement (IPESA). At the end of a course, as part of the final assessment, this task becomes even more complex and poses certain challenges. Cégep de Sainte-Foy has developed a teacher mentoring approach to support them in their measurement exercise. The institution seeks to provide them with a relevant approach that leads them to consider the educational importance of planning the final assessment. Realism and the meaning of the initiative in this regard are also important: in a few hours, teachers should be able to begin their thought process and plan how to review the final assessment of their course, based on proven pedagogical principles, but without working through a complex algorithm. In this article, the authors first present the factors for teachers to consider when planning the final assessment for their course. These are parameters that must be considered for the assessment to serve as a synthesis focused on the transfer of learning, as well as the traps to avoid to keep the assessment realistic and provide students with an activity beyond simple recapitulation, all illustrated with practical examples. The authors then examine the approach used in the college to mentor teachers.

Article available in French only.



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