The analysis and consistency table—to ensure educational consistency between learning objectives and learning assessment





HOWE, Robert

As part of learning assessment, validity and credibility of professional judgment depend on consistency between what is assessed and what should be learned. How can teachers ensure this educational consistency between what they are going to teach and what they will assess? With this in mind, the author has developed the analysis and consistency table (ACT) over the years, a tool to help teachers centre their thinking on students, what they need to learn and the priority learning they must achieve. By its design and simplicity, the table he describes allows teachers, before drawing up their course plan, to analyse the key factors in planning their teaching and assessment, to ensure educational consistency and alignment with the learning objectives, while focusing on the development of competencies.

A model of the ACT in Word is available on the AQPC website, for educators who wish to use it as a basic mode (in French only).

Article available in French only.


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