The 2es Rencontres interrégionales sur la réussite et la persévérance scolaires: A Source of Inspiration for the CEGEP System




Duval, Anne-Marie

The author attended the 2es Rencontres interrégionales sur la réussite et la persévérance scolaires (Second Interregional Meetings on Academic Success and Persistence) held in Québec City last October. While these meetings deal above all with problems associated with high school students, they can also provide significant bases for reflection by the CEGEP system, in particular as regards ways to support success and persistence. The author relates that, on the occasion of this set of meetings, a review was conducted of progress made since the first set of interregional meetings held three years before. The most impressive impact of the measures adopted during those three years is surely the rise in the rate of high school leaving diplomas awarded, which went from 68.2% to 73.8%. Among the keys to success, the author emphasizes the importance of coordination between the academic, social, and economic sectors; innovation; dissemination of the findings from the various experiments conducted; and the systematic evaluation of measures taken. The author calls on the CEGEP system to engage in self-examination as to how it might take inspiration from this vast project.


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