101 moyens de motiver: An Introduction to Teaching Practices that Promote Success




Roberge, Julie
Ménard, Louise
Croteau, Sophie

According to a number of studies, the initial college experience constitutes a defining moment: When students fail general courses, they may drop out early or prolong their period of study. On the other hand, passing the first-year French and philosophy courses is a good indicator of persistence to graduation. Taking the foregoing statement as its starting point, this article examines research aimed at attaining three objectives involving the first-year course on French writing and literature (601-101-MQ) (the first of these objectives may apply to any first-term course and even to all French courses). These objectives are as follows: first, describe teaching and assessment practices that have a positive impact on students’ motivation and use of learning strategies; second, design a Website on which to post these practices, as well as useful resources for all teachers of French and literature; and third, develop education plans that allow the colleges and UQAM to meet the needs of existing and future teachers by promoting the development of practices that have a positive effect on students.

Article available in French only.


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