A different perspective on college students’ success




CARLE, Stéphanie

The thoughts presented here emerged from an interview with: Robert Ducharme, education consultant and retired academic director from Cégep de Saint-Jérôme; François Vasseur, education consultant and retired pedagogical counselor from Cégep Limoilou; and Lyne Boileau, education consultant and coordinator of the Carrefour de la réussite au collégial. The article summarizes their observations, to which the Chief Editor added her personal perspective, with occasional comments on several factors.

To help readers understand how the concept of success has changed since the introduction of plans for success some 15 years ago, and to identify the stakes for college success today, this article provides an overview of the many facets of this topic. Brevity is difficult when addressing an issue as complex as success; it is also hard to characterize all the aspects to be considered. This extensive article covers just a few of the angles from which college students’ success is or could be studied by practitioners and researchers. There are two goals here: to propose a broader vision of the concept of success, while refocusing actions where they are most effective, whether in academic programs, the educational relationship, or the classroom. The text therefore focuses on the possible approaches teachers may use to promote perseverance and success by all their students.

Article available in French only.

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