Vivre ensemble au Québec et au collège – Des balises québécoises pour les demandes d'accommodement raisonnable




Lemay, Denyse

This article pursues the reflection begun in an earlier issue of Pédagogie collégiale (2009), however it uses a more global perspective to tackle the question of the place that our society reserves for immigrants. In doing so, it identifies the general orientation of questions dealing with the reality of how student immigrants are welcomed and integrated into our society. The author provides a brief summary of existing guidelines, examines Quebec’s secular and intercultural models in greater detail, and draws a parallel between the two models. This article puts a great deal of emphasis on the impact of recent research and debates on the place that Quebec society wants to provide for immigrants. With regard to CEGEPs, the author uses examples to shed light on a number of different situations, offers solutions, and emphasizes that the major stages involved in the quest for accommodations are applied differently according to each case at hand. According to the author, we cannot get along in a pluralist society without common rules and, given that not everyone has the same understanding of our secular and intercultural models, further reflection and discussion on this matter are needed.


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