Socioconstructivisme et enseignement collégial




Ouellet, Fernand

Within the perspective of education and citizenship, the author explores the socioconstructivist approach through "complex instruction" developed by Elizabeth Cohen and "collaborative learning" perfected by Kenneth Bruffee. According to Cohen, the development of social skills appears to be a means of reinforcing subject matter taught in school and mastering complex conceptual skills, while bypassing the implicit standards of a traditional approach to classroom functioning, overcoming obstacles in the transfer of authority for learning to their students, and in dealing with status problems inherent to teamwork. For Bruffee, this means helping students abandon the security of their original community of knowledge to re-acculturate vis-à-vis a new discipline. Students are assembled into heterogeneous groups; the teacher then leads a debate whose objective is to identify the points of convergence and divergence of group reports to reach a class consensus that will be compared to the community of knowledge that the teacher represents. These two educational approaches demonstrate that the introduction of educational strategies inspired by socioconstructivism is a challenge that the citizenship crisis in the post-modern context forces us to accept.


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